Don't you love it when a plan comes together

So here goes the start of the Bombshell Diaries or probably what should be called at the beginning - diary of wannabe Bombshell.

I didn't even know bombshell was the word I was looking for until a few days ago and instantly it was Yes that's how I want to feel, that's who I want to be! Over the next 12 months, 365 days I want to transform into the best most fulfilled, glamourous, confident me I could be. No holding back, no being scared just Go. Getting. Life. Plodding along at a slow pace is easy but also terrifying when we have so much to give if only we just tried and importantly if only we didn't care so much what over people thought. At least that’s how I feel.

So here I will plan and share my goals and my journey, hopefully I might inspire you or make you laugh along the way (genuinely or out of pity, I’ll take what I can get).
I will document what it is that I would like to achieve a little more specifically through out but because I will be acting on a higher frequency I am hoping along the way new and greater goals and opportunities, seemingly impossible or yet foreseen ones will follow.
Don't amazing people seem to all the luck in life? They bring it that's why. Let’s bring our own, every last pound.

I already love style and fashion and beauty and eating healthy and have just started getting into fitness (your regular yoga and Zuma classes, we're not talking HIIT, long distance runs or boot camp here I'm truly a beginner). So far so good right? But I do everything at such a low level it's barely breaks the surface of what I desire to be. I want to be proactive-living life to the full, have confidence, wear whatever I want, be truly preened and pampered and gorgeous, be passionate about and enjoy my work, be a truly great and supportive friend, of course find a spectacular beau worthy of this bombshell, and importantly not feel guilty that I desire any of these things! Hell I’m just going to throw abs in there too because my word I want them so damn bad!

My motivation to get to this point of course can’t go without a mention to The Bomb of all Bombshells the Goddess that is Marilyn.

Bring on the makeover...

Winnie Jean Maureen