Money - sort of

I need or at least want more if it, doesn't everyone? Thing is though I think I've always felt money was kind of difficult to get hold of or dirty or something, you are meant to pursue happiness and you're passion right? Right, but when did that became being undervalued and underpaid? Work smarter my boss always says, we know vaguely what it means but it's one of those phrases people whip around that sound great but actually what are you talking about? We all do it I do it too. For example I used a phrase in my first post about acting on a higher frequency, so let me redeem myself and say what I mean is if you make an effort, and it is an effort at first, to be pro-active, to think optimistically and to be consciously open to things you will find that in turn you are more active and achieve more, you have a happier outlook, good things happen because you planned to win and not to fail, more opportunities will come your way because you are aware of them, are open to them and actually went and experienced them which lead to even more. Going to that party meant discovering something from or about a new person or even an old friend that lead to you researching or organising something you never would have known about or done before. 

Now I was totally off the money topic but hang on, was I? Maybe going to that party you meet someone with the same interest as you, in the same industry or maybe who has a job that hang on a moment you've never heard of before but you have all the right skills for. What I'm saying is life is random don't judge a book soley by its cover (or a party soley by how many of your friends are going) who knows each and every day who or what you will see and hear that leads you on the path to your future self. Be ready.

Back to me desiring to make more money though, I don't know how I'm going to make more of it yet to live the life I want to lead, the life of a Bombshell, but I plan to be open and present so that I don't miss that great idea, that event, that person who is the stepping stone to me figuring I out. I rather think this diary is my first stepping stone.

Oh and did I mention the Salome (magazine and online collective for women writers) party yesterday evening?! The next issue has a writing challenge based on Strength. Nice.

Lilly from the Ruby Darlings performed and brought up some very good points!

Check them out.

Winnie Jean Maureen