Summing up some things

What to talk about today, let's sum up some things.

  • Since I've started this I've felt the most un-Bombshell-like ever. I did not take my makeup off one night I did not care if it made me pimpley
  • I am eating way more than I normally do
  • I go through bouts of feeling happy and then fed up
  • I have upped my exercise plan though, booked 5 classes over 4 days, one s even boot camp (what am I thinking!) Seriously don't want to bruise my knees from having to do press ups from my knees..see I don't even know what they are called knee press ups? knee ups?
  • I arranged 3 dates, 2 for this weekend that I am really not bothered about (I normally get quite excited but I suppose I can't be let down this way). 
  • The guy I do like I just left typing this to reply to him because heaven forbid I wait longer than a minute! Why do I like him? He talks to me. Isn't that useful! It's not one half arsed message a day. Which unfortunately I have now followed suit with in replying to those, you get what you give I suppose although this is not the way I should be thinking, as a Bombshell shouldn't I work to make them hang on my every word? ...


Thing is though he's not really asked me out, well he did at the beginning of the week and sort of never confirmed any dates. So he's either:

  • 60 years old - his photos were taken in the 70's
  • He's shy (good looking people can be shy too again popular opinion)
  • He's busy dating lots of other girls (but he messages me alot and right away and seems to be at home having a brew a lot, oh dear maybe he's just so damn good at this multiple dating thing)
  • Oh my gosh he's married isn't he?!

I gave him 2 dates I was free 1 is today which he has dinner plans (Friend? Girl? Who knows). Ok well maybe good things come to those who wait or maybe I have spent all this time building up a romantic picture of him and I will fall flat on my face.


Must be positive, promise this will happen, I need to get some affirmations on the go....

  • I am a Bombshell  (well that was nice and easy)
  • I am confident (got to fake it to make it)
  • I am interesting (Oh really come on)
Winnie Jean Maureen