This weekend : classes, crossfit, crafts and cosy dates

I went to my favourite class the Mind and Body class which is a mixture of yoga and pilates and it's quite calm and chilled and nothing to heavy. 

However I am loving a bit of Crossfit inspiration to make me do a bit more of a 'work out'. The games are coming up next week and I only just found out that Sam Briggs is competing in the Cross fit Games Individuals again so excited about that. She being a Bombshell. She is so calm and goes with the flow I believe that her outlook and tenacity is how she gets so far. She's a very lean build in comparison (not that she's not absolutely shredded) to the others but you would never know it in competition.

Also routing for Sarah Sigmundsdottir who is so lovable, to be honest all seem so modest and genuine, fun and inspirational, they all seem to get on and have a laugh with each other even train with each other.


Ok so i'm avoiding talking about the date that I had yesterday, it was nice...just like every other date i've had. I know I know woe is me and I need to get to know people to appreciate them and I will see him again - I think anyway. He did 'good' things like whilst on the date talk about somewhere else we should try, talk about about showing me how to use machines at the gym (huge bonus points from me!), message to say he had a nice time and very soon after the date too, mention today (being the day after) meeting up before I met my 'friend' (actually another guy) and I did casually say I was going for coffee and he was welcome to join if he had time but he talked about having to change a light bulb so... 


Yeah I am realising that people can be all talk so won't be too disappointed whatever happens be honest, except the gym thing I mean someone to show me the ropes is secretly what I have been looking for. He also seems to be a bit of a jack the lad, I think he'll be fun to hang out with but not thinking much more than that at the this point.


I organised a craft evening with friends yesterday too, the craft was to fuse fabric onto cushions. Sounds lame? It was so much fun I think we all really enjoyed it and I was genuinely impressed by what they created. Well done ladies. Would be great to do more craft sessions note to self must organise one for work friends.


My friend also mentioned the whole cushion thing could be a business, I could never be that passionate about cushions but I take her point it looks good and it's customisable/personalisable and I could sell it as a product/service.

Dresses dresses dresses though! Is it ok if I just love dresses but don't make them?! I don't know. Plenty of people in the fashion industry don't actually design or produce clothes.

Bags would be more achievable for me, I could have more fun and less stress creating them. Maybe I should give that a try. Love the idea of creating journals too. I know it's not paper friendly but don't we all still need to write?!


So that other guy I am meeting today, not sure what to expect with him, he seems like he knows what he wants/is a 'doer'/maybe intimidating for someone like me. Anyway I have to go having faith that I am my own person plus I'm an absolute babe right.


Anyway this Bombshell is on her way ...




Winnie Jean Maureen