Let's talk about dating

Let's talk about dating. In my pursuit of becoming  a Bombshell I have decided to date along my journey because I think it will help motivate me to look and feel my best and become a high achiever/overall better person. I do however like everyone find online dating a chore and would love just love love love to meet someone what do they call it organically. Suppose that makes meeting someone online GMO. I mean don't get me wrong I think it's pro active and good at introducing you to a wider variety of people who you can filter before you meet, I also met my ex boyfriend online and had lots of great dates and experiences.

But my aim is to push my self to be more social and to put my self in more situations where there is the opportunity to meet not only men but men that I would like to meet. Luckily I have a friend who is of the similar situation and mindset and we plan to go and find some great sociable evening events. We're not talking singles dating events necessarily but it has to be more than just going to a bar which has just never worked for me.

However before I started this I did recently join a little dating site called okcupid. Oh the humdrum of first messages! I think because men mostly make the first move and send a message they do not realise how many messages girls on these sites receive so Hi and Hey just doesn't cut it amongst another 50. However we do understand guys that it's easier for you to message Hi to hundreds of girls than to make it personal to us so you can potentially get more girls. Also we're not stupid enough to fall for statements like hands down prettiest on this site A.) Just how many woman did you send that too? and B.) Do you need your eyes testing?.  Neither was I flattered that you would sell your kidney to date me. Please keep your damn kidney.

Yo momma
Best ever first message I received was Yo momma is a gentleman. To explain it's not quite so random as it sounds, under  the You should contact me if... header I wrote you are a gentleman. I still don't know whether this was meant as a joke or not  it may have been to test my sense of humour and believe me I was laughing so hard at this but at the same time without knowing a person it was 50/50 between joke or real, funny guy or massive jerk. Odds were not good enough.

Baby Daddy
So last night I guy who I had been messaging finally asked me out, to be honest I was giving up hope with him. He then dropped, and his words, a bombshell. He couldn't do friday because he had his daughter. I flitted from surprised to oh it's fine it's only a drink it's good to be open minded but then again aren't I meant to be pursuing the match of my dreams as part of my Bombshell journey?! Oh wait that word again is this a sign?! He dropped a bombshell and I am a Bombshell (in the making). Is this part of just going with it, just being brave and trying things out?! But isn't it unfair if I turn around later and say oh sorry actually it's an issue for me so guess I'll see you around.  I said I would confirm today whether we will meet after all tbc....

P.s. This diary will get more positive, I WILL be more positive!